Product Market Fit x 100

100 indie hackers will find product-market fit and paying customers soon. You can too.

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100 PMF is my crazy idea to get 100 indie hackers to product-market fit, paying customers, and a clear road to financial freedom.
It's based on two years of research and dozens of people I guided through the process and helped along the way.
I mapped out every pitfall that stop solo founders in their tracks - marketing, product, sales, user interviews, mindset, rejection, failure, embarrassment, introversion, family, competition - all in an effort to bring clarity and predictability to a topic that is traditionally seen random.
You don't need to throw things against the wall until something sticks.
You don't need to place an infinite number of bets until you win.
You just need to follow a predictable formula for building a successful business that's been around for over 4000 years.
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This process works for people without an idea, with many ideas they can't choose from, and with an idea they are completely in love with.
It works if you’ve just scribbled something on a napkin, if you’ve built an entire MVP, and if you’ve been polishing your code for the last 6 months procrastinating on markting your creation.
It works if it’s an itch you want to scratch, a problem you see in the world that needs fixing, or just an opportunity to make a good living doing something you love.
The process is aimed primarily at introverted software engineers who can build everything but couldn't sell anything to save their lives. It requires only minor modifications for anybody who isn’t an engineer but share the same kind of "heady" mindset with them.
The steps here will show you how to find your first clients and how make sure you can find more whether you're building a software product, creating a video course, or offering specialized consulting.
As a big fan of launch first, think later, I'm developing the content along with you - in Discord, on Twitter, and in my newsletter. You get to see how the sausage is made as well as get to eat it.
There will be paid one-shot seminars and full-length courses when things solidify enough for that. There will be live sessions, recorded sessions, templates, frameworks, mind altering exercises, and 1-1 on sessions for those who need a helping hand.
I'll teach you everything I learned over 25 years of software engineering, 15 years of coaching practice and 3 years of marketing.
And I'll always be honest about things I don't know or am unsure of.
Welcome to the journey.
Let's begin.

My name is Eli Finer

I help solo founders and early stage startups find product-market fit and the right message that make their products sell like hotcakes.
I've been a software developer for 25 years, a life coach for 15, and a full time marketer for the last 3 years.
I failed over a dozen times trying to turn my “brilliant” ideas into successful businesses until I found a consistent method to find paying customers that I teach here at and on
If you have a question or comment you can DM me on Twitter @finereli.
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Here’s what my clients are saying

Roni Dover, CTO at Digma We were going to base our company on helping developers get rid of performance problems in their code. Turns out developers don't care about performance. It would not have been successful. Eli was able to pull some of the users and get answers that didn't align with our belief system and this was a really big contribution
Nir Shafrir, CEO at Digma Eli represents the combination of developer perspective and marketing perspective. This amazing combination of developer experience and being able to purify the way they think, the way they speak, what makes sense to them and what doesn't make Eli very unique.
Artyom Smironff, Entrepreneur I always wanted to build something on the side so that I could drop my job and be the master of my own time. I'm much more confident now. I was in a fog and now it's all clear. It's so clear that I don't understand how I didn't know it before because now it's so obvious to me.
Luke Frauhiger, Entrepreneur Without Eli I would have been just pumping time into the project, trying to get to the point where I had enough traction and I would have went for a long ways until I was just absolutely frustrated and burnt out.